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Well, it looks like there is still something to say about CPAC, contrary to my prior post. And having been to four of the last five, I can attest that K-Lo is right.
I would also add that Howard Dean is being Howard Dean. His DNC, as its overabundance of press releases on Governor Romney shows, fears our guy more than any of the other candidates–as does Al Gore’s campaign manager. So it is trying to kill the positive momentum Governor Romney’s CPAC speech gave him by tying him to a remark Coulter made about Senator Edwards.
To be clear, Coulter should be ashamed of herself, and so should all those who laughed at what she said. She has publicly called herself a Christian, and she clearly failed to speak the truth in love, as Christians are called to do. (And before I get an e-mail about the log in my eye, yes, I fail in this regard–and many others–all the time.)
Here’s the problem for Chairman Dean, though: His rhetoric (claiming the remark was “hate-filled and bigoted”) is no less overblown than Coulter’s. What she said was not hate-filled; it was just unnecessary and way over the line. Moreover, Governor Romney has made clear for years that his opposition to “gay marriage” has nothing to do with hating homosexuals, as we have written before, but rather with doing what’s best for families. He doesn’t have anything to prove here, as K-Lo also points out, and I don’t think the campaign should give in to this silly game of “Gotcha.”
UPDATE: Apparently some lefty blogs disagree with the above comments on Chairman Dean and Ms. Coulter. Let me revise and extend my remarks.
First, EFM has repeatedly condemned Coulter’s comment–see also Nancy’s excellent post. Some folks appear to be missing that.
However, I stand by the point that Dean’s rhetoric was overblown, because I agree with K-Lo that Coulter was simply being Coulter. I’ve seen her speak repeatedly before, and her schtick is making flippant, insulting remarks about liberals. Plain and simple. That is what her comment about Senator Edwards was. I truly do not think she said it because she hates gay people. Instead, I think she said it because she dislikes liberals a lot more than she should and enjoys saying things she really should not say about them. She used the word she did because it is a common insult and in many respects disconnected from its actual meaning. If you doubt this, visit a public school playground. I grew up on them and, before I was converted, used their common language. The word she used is simply an epithet. That’s why she used it.
And if you don’t think people divorce words from their true meaning in order to use them as epithets, well, you’re wrong. I can’t count how many times I have heard proud atheists exclaim, “Jesus Christ!” to show their anger. Those words mean something to those of us here, but to many–appallingly–they are simply an epithet. I think that’s what Coulter was thinking, too. Yes, that was deplorable, and we have said so, but that doesn’t make Howard Dean correct.
I would also add that I think Romney spokesman Kevin Madden’s response to the New York Times on this issue was spot on.

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