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I might be paying too much attention to the possibility of Fred Thompson running for President. However, this NewsMax article had a very interesting take on whether he will or won’t run. As you know, Mr. Thompson is very public about his friendship with Sen. McCain. (When he was chairman of the Senate Government Affairs Committee, he galled Republicans by supporting the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill.) So, is that friendship playing into Thompson’s political equation? Newsmax postulates:

There is, however, another theory circulating about Thompson, one being floated by critics of the Tennessean. Some Republican insiders suspect that Thompson, who makes no effort to hide his close friendship with McCain, instead might be working a behind-the-scenes, McCain-orchestrated strategy to build support among conservatives for the Arizonan.
According to this theory, Thompson – who backed McCain in the 2000 presidential primary race – would build support and anticipation among conservatives for his own campaign, and then abruptly direct them instead to McCain’s camp.
Sources note that Thompson and McCain had an extensive telephone conversation on March 9, just two days before Thompson discussed his presidential ambitions on “Fox News Sunday.” And both camps have worked hard to keep the substance of that conversation private.

Hum…I guess only time will tell if this is true. But if anyone see Thompson’s red pickup truck around town with a McCain bumper sticker on it, give me a call.

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