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Sorry conservative utopians. Fred Thompson is even less of a social conservative stalwart than I thought. Reading today’s instapundit (Tom Maguire guestblogging), I stumbled across this from A.C. Kleinheider:

Fred Thompson is not the droid the Right is looking for.
He is not a movement conservative. Deep booming voice and pickup truck aside, he is the scion of a political family. And that family’s pedigree is not of Right but of the moderate middle. Howard Baker may be respected and he may have been Reagan’s Chief of Staff but once upon a time he also ran against Ronald Reagan for President.

Fred Thompson is his own man but he has a lineage and he has a history and it is not as conservative as his studio-packaged image would indicate.

At the end of the day, Thompson may be the best conservatives can hope for but let’s not fool ourselves into believing he is a conservative — he isn’t.
He may be conservative (adj.) but he is not a conservative (n.) and he has certainly been less than helpful to the ascendant traditional conservative wing of the Tennessee Republican Party.

A.C. links to an extended analysis of Thompson’s political past — including his recent past. There’s a lot to like about Fred Thompson, and there is much not to like. In other words, he’s a flesh and blood person, not the conservative messiah.

Utopian conservatives will breathe yet another sigh of deep disappointment and continue their quest for political perfection. We at EFM will keep supporting the person who has been on the front lines of every significant social issue of the last few years, governing well under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

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