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Here he comes. And he’s a movie actor, no less, with an instantly recognizable face and voice. He looks presidential, the base seems to like him, and he’s very tough on crime (at least on TV). To top it all off, this week’s version of the True Conservative even hails from Tennessee (not far from me, in fact). Yes, I’m talking about the Volunteer State’s very own Fred Thompson.

Apparently, with Newt’s admission that he cheated on his wife during the Clinton impeachment proceedings, the way is now clear for another conservative Fantasy Candidate. And why not Senator Thompson? If we’re wanting the Next Ronald Reagan, being a movie actor isn’t a bad credential.

Wait, what was that? He was pro-choice in 1994? And he’s pro-life now? Didn’t he get the memo? This election season, (some) conservatives don’t like converts.

On a more serious note, I like Fred Thompson, just as I like Rudy and John McCain. But not for president. He was a good senator, he’s a very good lawyer, and he’s a good actor (I’ve always loved his roles), but I’ve never seen anything from him that indicates he’s ready to be president. Reagan ran California before he ran America. Senator Thompson, we need a Republican governor here in Tennessee. Run for that first.

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