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Time Magazine has a complimentary article about how well Rudy Giuliani’s polling in spite of his social liberalism. The author, David Von Drehle, can barely hide his adoration of Rudy. Check out this:

“He keeps forgetting to mention that he believes he would make a good President. (“I don’t mean to toot my own horn,” he said at the firehouse, when he finally remembered to boast.)

However, there was another line in the article which jumped out at me:

Giuliani’s biggest round of applause is usually the one when he’s introduced.

You may remember me telling you that I had the chance to hear Rudy at a South Carolina meeting, where I also noted that the applause wasn’t as enthusiastic after the crowd got to hear his actual views. (Including what I thought was an unfortunate characterization of the pro-life position, when he said he didn’t want women who’ve had abortions thrown in jail.)
However, I’ve noticed the three times I’ve seen Governor Romney speak (all in Tennessee), he has the opposite effect. He receives the biggest applause after the crowds hear his ideas. (For example at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis last year, he was interrupted several times for applause.)
When I played basketball in school, the cheerleaders made a “noise-o-meter” which hung on the wall near the pep band. When they wanted to get the crown revved up, they’d “activate” the noise meter which presumably measured the enthusiasm of the audience, who whooped and hollered to get the giant red arrow to move up the scale. (For the benefit of the EFMers who live in the northeast, “holler” is what people do in the south at ball games, and sometimes at church. It’s also a geographic location found in a mountain, but that’s a different definition altogether.)
Of course, this election will not be determined by the political equivalent of Grove Junior High’s noise-o-meter. But the phenomenon that happens everytime he addresses a crowd, — a decrease in the energy level so marked that journalists notice it — will eventually seize his entire candidacy . Voter ethusiasm will continue to lessen the more they get to know him, hear his ideas, and see him defend his pro-abortion beliefs.

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