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Well, I awakened this morning to the news that we made the New York Times! Unfortunately, it was in a piece designed to make it seem like Gov. Romney was buying good news coverage with his own personal fortune. The front-page article could’ve been titled “NYT Discovers Disturbing Truth: It Helps to Have Money When You Run for President.”

To set the record straight, we sponsored the National Review Online Tenth Anniversary party in DC back in October, as did Gov. and Mrs. Romney. (We were totally surprised–and thrilled–when the Governor showed up, but anyone who reads NRO knows they don’t blindly report on anyone.) David actually writes for NRO’s Phi Beta Cons blog, so our support is independent of Gov. Romney’s Presidential bid.

“Is this the first time you’ve been mentioned in the NYT?” I asked David while he was still trying to sleep this morning.

“My second,” he mumbled.

Which got me thinking. Am I the only EFMer whose name hasn’t been sullied by the Gray Lady?

Charles Mitchell certainly has been mentioned by the NYT, if by “mentioned” you mean “featured.” Did you know that in 2003, our very own Charles was dubbed a “Hipublican,” a rising star in the Republican party? How correct they were. You have got to see this picture of Charles back when he still was fresh and innocent, before dealing with all these liberal media critics made him look like this.

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