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Pence, the Indiana congressman who describes himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order,” had the following conversation with Wolf Blitzer:

BLITZER: Romney won the straw poll, which, of course is nonbinding, nonscientific at the conservative political action conference. The L.A. Times had a poll out among RNC members. He came in with 20%. Giuliani 14%, McCain 10, Gingrich 8 and everybody else way down. Mitt Romney. Some have said he’s flip-flopped on a lot of social issues that are so important to you like abortion rights for women. Do you accept his explanation why he’s changed his views since he ran for governor of Massachusetts?
REP. PENCE: Let me say, you were kind enough to mention that i like people to know I’m a Christian which means I believe in grace. I believe in conversion. I think one of the –
BLITZER: You believe him?
REP. PENCE: You know, I do. I have had a chance to sit down with Governor Romney personally. I think his decision on embracing the sanctity of human life was a deeply personal decision, and however recent, I think I’m a part of a pro-life movement that welcomes people coming to the moral –
BLITZER: So his change is sincere?
REP. PENCE: I really do.

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