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Townhall’s Matt Lewis:

Some people will tell you that Mitt Romney didn’t deserve to win (because he bussed in College Republicans to vote for him). That’s like saying George W. Bush didn’t deserve to win because he raised more money than his opponent. Romney’s ability to organize, inspire, and transport college students to the conference is precisely why he did deserve to win! A campaign that has the organizational ability to bus in college students has the organizational ability to do a lot of other things, too. The rules allow for it, so what’s wrong with Romney doing what he has to do (within the rules) to win?

NANCY adds: Thanks, Steve, for the above. I just got an interesting e-mail from an EFM reader who attended the conference:

Just thought I would let you know that those who kept bringing up that Romney bussed in College Republicans were the Brownback students. They were put up at the Marriott. I know this because I had a friend they put up in a room and she said, “yeah well we rented out the entire Marriott” after I told her that Romney was getting us a room. The whole Brownback campaign was aimed at smearing Romney. Thought you might like that little bit of insight from the event.

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