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Don’t ask him to put your kids in the next Walden Media movie (his brother, Micheal, produced the fantastic Amazing Grace) but do pay attention to his ideas about who should be the next POTUS. Mr. Flaherty is Gov. Romney’s Deputy Campaign Manager, who talked to Townhall about John McCain, Amazing Grace, family, and faith. The interview paints a portrait of a deeply religious, principled man. It also contains this nugget of information:

Governor Romney reads blogs and has an appreciation for the 24 hour dedication that bloggers bring to the political landscape. I know he enjoys and the treasure trove of thoughtful and insightful columnists and bloggers that shape and inform the daily debate.

Now, Mr. Flaherty obviously meant to say “Evangelicals for Mitt” instead of “” So, if you’re reading, Gov. Romney, please feel free to drop us a note about your vision for America, your ideas about cutting federal spending, or who should be voted off American Idol this week. (Sanjaya, right? The Boston Globe needs to fabricate a Power Point presentation about his hair issues.)
Here’s the one sentence message Mr. Flaherty wants you to know about the Governor:

He is a man of impeccable character with an unparalleled ability to solve complex problems.

Read the whole interview here, to learn what Scripture Mr. Flaherty has taped to his office wall.

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