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Some random Friday afternoon thoughts…
1. I am growing increasingly puzzled by the continued intensity and viciousness of the attacks against the Governor by a few vocal critics on the right. Even more strange, many of these attackers don’t actually seem to be backing anyone else in the race. If their primary concern is “defending life” or “protecting the family” (and they often cast themselves as the purest possible advocates in those areas), don’t they realize that the primary beneficiary of their attacks is not the sinking John McCain (who at least has some pro-life credibility) but the proudly pro-choice Rudy Giuliani?
2. It’s just tough to believe that so many conservatives are apparently carrying a torch for Newt Gingrich. Granted, the guy is smart and has proven to be brilliant in dissent and a sometimes-shrewd strategist, but does anybody remember the train wreck that was Speaker Gingrich? The guy was taken to the woodshed politically by the Clintons from 1995 to 1998. And that’s not even taking into account his personal scandals, his temper tantrums, and the low, low, low regard that independents and moderates have for the guy.
3. Conservatives seem to be suffering from a strange bout of collective amnesia. We remember Reagan as better than he was, Gingrich as better than he was, and–most dangerously of all–we forget how good the Clintons were (and are) at politics. I am not at all suggesting that Governor Romney get a free pass from conservative critics, but as the criticisms come, let’s remember that we live in a real world, please, and keep political realities in mind even as we tear at each other like wild dogs.
4. A prediction: I think we’ll continue to see a McCain fade. Conservatives will distance themselves even further, the media’s love will cool as McCain stays strong on the war, and Rudy will soon find himself filling that “Republican moderate” slat that the MSM so loves to tout. Am I crazy to think that we might find that the “big three” will be the “big two” (Rudy and Romney) soon? The fundraising numbers for the first two quarters will tell us more than the polls.
5. One final note: I am pleased that each of the “big three” Republicans are staying strong on the war. I still can’t get over Brownback’s move to the wobble party. Any vote for a Republican that is going soft on the war is a vote for retreat–in fact a far more profound vote for retreat than even voting Democratic. The media is desperate to see conservatives split on the war, and Brownback’s move is just what they so love to see.

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