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As David’s friends from law school were coming in last week for their fantasy baseball weekend draft, we happened to see what looked like a younger version of Gov. Romney on FoxNews. Sure enough, Tagg Romney had his first national television debut. He did a fantastic job — here’s a partial transcript:

GIBSON: Do you think voters are curious about Mormonism, that they don’t know the tenets of the religion and they would like to know or that they just don’t care?
ROMNEY: You know, I think it may just be that they are unfamiliar with some of the teachings. Frankly, it’s not going to be my dad’s job or the campaign’s job to educate the people on a particular brand of faith. The thing that will matter is what are his values, what has he done. You look at the way he has raised his family and been with his wife for the last 38 years and loved her and raised five sons and 10 grandchildren, and those are the things that matter, not a particular brand of faith.
GIBSON: Well I know that your mother and father are on the campaign trail because they truly are in love, and they do like each other, and they like each other’s company. But one can’t help but wonder is it also because these other Republicans are on their second or third wife, and your father has been married once to the same woman for what, 38 years?
ROMNEY: You know, I don’t think the other candidates have anything to do with it. You look back at his past campaigns and we have always been there for his announcements. I worked in his 1994 campaign, his 2002 campaign. We love our dad. My mom loves her husband.
You know, I quit my job in Los Angeles, moved my family all the way across the country to come back and help him because I think he is going to be a fantastic president. It’s the most important thing I have ever done. The other candidates don’t have anything to do with our love and affection for our dad.

It almost gets kind of repetitious to say that the Romney family is attractive and well-spoken. But as I was standing there shushing my friends so I could hear Tagg speak, I was once again reminded of what an advantage the Governor has over his opponents.
CHARLES adds: Reader Sara passes along the video:

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