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As speculation grows about the joint press conference John and Elizabeth Edwards are holding at noon, it’s appropriate to pause and pray for the families of the candidates. Perhaps it’s so easy to see Presidential aspirants as super-human — or sub-human, depending on the news cycle — that we don’t treat them with the appropriate amount of concern or respect.
Who knows? Maybe the Edwards’ press conference will be about a new media strategy or a platform discussion. I hope so. However, as Elizabeth Edwards fights breast cancer, as Ann Romney battles multiple sclerosis, and as John McCain struggles with skin cancer, it’s just a good time to remember that we should pray for everyone associated with this race — this little contest to see who will guide America and the world for the next four to eight years.
Unfortunately, the speculation was correct. Elizabeth’s cancer has returned. Tagg Romney, just on FoxNews, had this to say about the situation:

Our prayers and thoughts are with his family at the time of this need for them. And we can empathize with them and know what it is like to have someone who has gone through trials. We are blessed that my mom is been very healthy and has been out on the campaign trail. Our thoughts are with the edwards family.

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