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The conservative activists who are huddled on a hill near DC waiting for the Conservative Messiah (let’s just call him “CM”) to come riding to the rescue in his white SUV have struck again. Now there’s an inane website called “Resist Rudy McRomney” dedicated to mocking the so-called “Three Headed RINO” represented by the three GOP frontrunners. If they weren’t acting just like academic lefitsts (who spend so much of their time mocking and reviling even Pelosi Democrats as insufficiently pure), these guys would almost be funny.


But they (and all those running around looking for CM) do raise to at least one serious question. What is a “true conservative?” What does a “true conservative” believe? I’m not just talking about life or same-sex marriage or the war in Iraq, but about all the major issues.

At this point, EFM has reached many thousands of readers, including several who write quite lengthy e-mails detailing the flaws in Mitt Romney’s conservatism. EFM readers, I want to hear from you. You tell me what a true conservative believes. And please make sure that your answer addresses each of the following areas of public importance (listed in no particular order):

  1. The War on Terror (including Iraq)
  2. Abortion
  3. Tax policy
  4. Entitlements (including Social Security)
  5. Health Care
  6. Same-sex marriage
  7. Trade policy
  8. Immigration (both border enforcement and dealing with current illegal immigrants)
  9. Global Warming/Environment
  10. Foreign Aid (including AIDS initiatives)
  11. Energy Policy
  12. Judicial nominations
  13. Stem cell research

After you tell me what a true conservative believes on those issues, please describe for me a current publicly prominent politician that has the right answer on all these issues. Or you can at least give me the politician who comes the closest to being right.

I will post good and thoughtful responses. For amusement’s sake, I might even post the other stuff too.

I look forward to your e-mails!

David calls his perfect conservative “CM.” Coincidence? I think not.
Just kidding. But one thing did strike me about this: All conservatives would not even agree with David’s list of categories–because he (a) used the term “War on Terror,” which many hate, and (b) said that that war, whatever you call it, includes the war in Iraq. Somebody ask Pat Buchanan (the “CM” of 1992?) what he thinks about that. If we can’t even agree on the questions, is it any surprise we can’t agree on all the answers, much less the person who has the best ones?

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