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Gov. Romney was in Nashville last night to raise money for his Presidential campaign, and I volunteered to help the event run smoothly. I was in charge of important tasks, such as making sure people had nametags, didn’t get lost in the hotel, and found the food in a timely manner.
It was exciting to see former supporters of Sen. Frist pile into a room at the Vanderbilt Marriott to hear Gov. Romney. In a shocking twist, he wore a red tie…but predictably, he enraptured the audience. There were definitely some big Tennessee names represented–most notably Ted Welch, probably the number one political fundraiser in all history. Apparently, judging from the crowd, Mr. Welch’s decision to go with Gov. Romney has paved the way for other prominent Tennesseans.
As I was walking a gentlemen back to the party area, he remarked to his friend, “Hey, come back here with me so I’ll have someone to talk to.”
To which his friend replied, “Oh, you’ll know the names of almost everyone in that room.”
Of course, people had to squint to see my nametag, and were only interested in me so they could ask where the restrooms were. Nevertheless, it was great fun to see the Tennessee excitement over this Yankee Governor with Southern Values.
And I’m proud to say that no one got lost in the hotel under my watch.

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