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It seems some people think the Romney campaign was behind my post about Fred Thompson, so I thought I’d tell the real story of how I came upon the information.
I–being a Tennessean–read Tennessee blogs, like Volunteer Voters. (Even though they apparently are not planning on inviting me over for coffee anytime soon.) In fact, if you look at my original post, I tell everyone exactly where I received this information regarding the newspaper reporting about Fred Thompson’s pro-choice past:

When I first heard that Fred Thompson might run for President, David said, “No big deal. He’s pro-choice.” So, I was surprised the next day to hear Thompson talking about wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade. That’s why I was interested in a post that Volunteer Voters had on its site, called “Pro-Thompson, Pro-Choice?

In fact, I even hyperlinked the article for all the world to follow. Yet, somehow, people think that Gov. Romney’s people in Boston informed me about the Tennessee blog post, then urged me (Benjamins dangling in front of my face) to act like I really was interested in getting to the bottom of all this.
My favorite criticism comes from VoluntaryConservative, who said:

Bottom line: I like Nancy and David. They are great people, and the political process needs more like them. However, the ties to Romney’s campaign are obvious… it just makes the site another Astroturf effort at grassroots campaigning.

You gotta love that “they’re good people” line. Most of you know that Southerners’ rudest comments are always followed by “bless their heart.” Well, there are other, less well-known Southern verbal tendencies which accompany insults. One of them is the “they’re good people” comment. Another is found in the classic American film, Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby:

Ricky: With all due respect, Mr. Dennit, I had no idea you’d gotten experimental surgery to have your balls removed.

Mr. Dennit: What did you just say to me?

Ricky: What? I said it with all due respect!

Mr. Dennit: Just because you say that doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you want to me!

Ricky: Yes, it does!

Mr. Dennit: No, it doesn’t!

Ricky: It’s in the Geneva Conventions, look it up!

I guess the bottom line is that Volunteer Voters’ post is what piqued my interest in the articles mentioning Fred’s pro-choice past. And so, with all due respect, that’s the entire story…bless your heart.

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