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That, basically, is my take on the NYT piece Nancy mentions. How those folks think what they have just reported is “news” is beyond me. (It makes just about as much sense as calling yours truly “hip,” frankly.)
To tackle just one small part of this non-story, the NYT notes that Governor and Mrs. Romney’s charitable foundation contributed $25,000 to The Heritage Foundation, the leading conservative think tank in Washington, in 2005. Last I heard, Heritage’s budget was over $50 million. Even if you accept the silly and false conspiracy theory that the conservative movement is just a “vast, right-wing conspiracy” made up of corrupt individuals who are happy to be bought off, think about the decimal points here. Why would Heritage be bought off by a grant that is, compared to its total budget, nearly inconsequential? Would the folks there really be so stupid? I must admit, I find that scenario much harder to believe than the idea that Mitt Romney just happens to support the work of groups like Heritage.
Here’s another thing that doesn’t make sense: Why write about this now? This non-story has already been reported. The Boston Globe ran a similarly inane story last summer. And before you protest that there’s no reason for the NYT to be aware of a story in such a small-town paper, note the footer at the bottom of the Globe‘s website:

© 2007 The New York Times Company

UPDATE: Here also is Hugh Hewitt.

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