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Judith Giuliani moved herself and her 10 year old daughter into Manos Zacharioudakis’s apartment on East 55th Street in New York soon after she was divorced from her second husband and before she met her third — Rudy. They lived together for four years.
The New York Daily News has an article out today that says Zacharioudakis supports his old flame:

“She is a sensual person; she is a passionate person. She has that Italian eroticism and passion.”

The article goes on to reveal that Zacharioudakis embarassed Judith in 2000, when Giuliani revealed their affair at a press conference while still married and living with his two small children in Gracie Mansion. How? By holding a Greenwich Village book reading of his erotic novel, “Dance the Melting Ice.” This is an “autobiographical” novel which he claims is “based on my relationship with Judi, but it’s not about her.”
People have talked a great deal about the “firsts” of this Presidential election — the the first woman, the first African American, the first Italian-American… This article reveals that Judi would qualify as the first potential First lady who inspired an erotic novel. It makes the “first Mormon” qualifier not look so bad, no?
As Cindy Adams would say, “Only in New York, Kids, Only in New York”… except the Giulianis want all of America to accept them with open arms.

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