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I was in Paris, Tennessee this weekend, where the World’s Biggest Fish Fry is annually held. The catfish tent has enormous fryers, where thousands enjoy some of the 10,000 pounds of catfish prepared each year–along with hush puppies, fries, white beans and coleslaw. The Catfish Queen throws out the cermonial hushpuppy to begin the festivities. (This is where the subtitle of my book came from–I tried unsuccessfully to be the Catfish Queen when I was in high school. I didn’t even make the top twenty.)
In spite of my wounded pride, I went to one of the strangest and most exciting activities–Catfish Races. Seriously.
People name their fish and write a “tall tale” about them.
But how do your race catfish, you ask? The freshly caught fish are placed in 15-foot plastic racing channels, racing five at a time. This year’s contestants were elaborately ridiculous, including two whose names obviously were inspired by American Idol–Sanjaya (the fish that wasn’t as fast as any other fish, but who curried favor with young teenage girls who loved him) and Carrie Underwater (who was encouraged by Hank “BoFishus” Junior to come see the fish fry).
So, I had a thought–if Gov. Romney is still doing swimmingly next April, what about “Evangelicals for Mitt” sponsoring a fish named Mitt in the Catfish Races? I think it might be a first in Presidential campaign history. (Unless, of course, Sens. McCain and Feingold get wind of this and outlaw catfish sponsoring.)

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