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I think it’s appropriate to enjoy these fundraising totals, with a good quote from the L.A. Times:

“Clearly, Romney has surprised the field,” said Anthony Corrado, a political scientist and presidential campaign finance expert at Colby College in Maine. “Not only has he raised more money than the others, it is fair to say he raised substantially more.”

And also, in the Chicago Tribune:

James Thurber, director of the American University Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, said the report pushes Romney to the top tier of candidates.
“It’s a shock,” Thurber said. “Obviously he’s getting lots of people interested in his candidacy and it’s not appearing in the press. In terms of the polls, usually they are related to the amount of money you’re getting and he disconfirms that.

And lastly, Rolling Stone:

Mad props to Mitt Romney, who raised Clintonian levels of cash, with less than a tenth of Hillary’s political support.
Romney who’s been seen dipping down to three percent in some polls nonetheless raised $23 million in the last quarter.
Jaw dropping.

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