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David Brody doesn’t quite make light of divorce, but he questions its presidential relevance here.
Okay, okay…Reagan was divorced and he was a great President. And, he points out, there are many divorced people who’re good at their jobs.
However, in the case of at least Rudy and Newt, we’re not talking mere divorces. To lump their marital problems in with typical “irreconcilable differences” is like lumping Jack Bauer in the same category as the security guard at the mall.
Rudy, for example, had an affair while he was still mayor of New York, and then revealed it in a press conference…which, by the way, is exactly when his wife found out. Newt, it turns out, had an affair while he was executing the moral mandate America gave him with his Contract with America…while he was investigating President Clinton’s moral failures. (Not to mention he left one of his wives while she was in a hospital bed.)
We’re not talking mere divorce. As bad as “simple” divorce is, Rudy and Newt have taken infidelity and shoved it into the faces of the very people who voted for them. They’ve allowed it to take center stage, to distract them from their obligations, and have made Republicans look like the hypocrites we, sadly, sometimes are.
Should we embrace this double-standard, this hypocrisy, as a price for living in this fallen world? Not when there’s an alternative. I, for one, am scandal fatigued. After Foley/Haggard/Abramoff, give me relief. Give me Romney.

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