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I have no idea what’s true regarding the supposed “party switch” of John McCain during the previous Presidential election. As the Drudge Report pointed out last week, I’m not sure Sen. McCain even knows. He’s said that he was not approached by Kerry, that he was approached and denied their request, and even that he would’ve considered running with Kerry.
Now, Salon is reporting that Sen. McCain’s people contacted John Kerry’s about the possibility of McCain’s running as Kerry’s vice-presidential candidate–not the other way around.
UPDATE: Matt Lewis at TownHall had the chance to talk to McCain advisor John Weaver to set the record straight. He quotes a 2004 Newsweek story:

Kerry was too cautious, too set in his ways, to fundamentally change his speech patterns and delivery. But in one important area, he was willing—even desperate—to try something bold. He badly wanted Sen. John McCain to be his running mate. As far back as August 2003, Kerry had taken McCain to breakfast to sound him out: would the maverick Republican run on a unity ticket with Kerry?
… McCain batted away the idea as not serious. But Kerry was intent, and after he wrapped up the nomination in March, he went back after McCain a half-dozen more times. “I can’t say this is an offer because I’ve got to be able to deny it,” Kerry told his friend. “But you’ve got to do this.” To show just how sincere he was, he made an outlandish offer. If McCain said yes, he would expand the role of vice president to include secretary of Defense and the overall control of foreign policy. (The deal was reminiscent of the so-called co-presidency offered to Gerald Ford by Ronald Reagan at the 1980 Republican convention; the suggestion fell apart of its own weight.) McCain exclaimed, “You’re out of your mind. I don’t even know if it’s constitutional, and it certainly wouldn’t sell.”Of course, Kerry’s purpose was to try to woo Sen. McCain into accepting a Vice President position on his campaign.

So, someone’s lying, or charitably, not remembering. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather believe John McCain than John Kerry.

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