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Remember how the main stream media portrayed Governor Romney’s out-of-the-ballpark fundraising numbers? They repeatedly said that his support came from two places: Mormons and “Wall Street types,” apparently an assumption based on little more than the fact that Gov. Romney is, well, a rich Mormon.
Newsweek “reported” it:

His fund-raising machine is a marvel; in just one day last January, he raised $6.5 million, almost just to show that he could. But his base is narrow—mostly wealthy Mormons and Wall Streeters.

The New York Times tossed the same meme out there, with blaring this headline:

THE 2008 CAMPAIGN; Romney Leads G.O.P. in Money, Tapping Wall St. and Mormons

and the opening paragraph:

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign said Monday that it had raised $20 million in the first quarter, tapping two distant but rich networks — Wall Street and the Mormon Church — to easily outpace his better-known Republican primary rivals.

Matt Lauer echoed the “conventional but unproven wisdom” on the “Today” show the next morning, when he asked the Governor whether he received most of his money from the Mormon Church and Wall Streeters.
Wait… What do you say? The Washington Post actually breaks down the numbers today? Yes, and guess who really was the top fundraiser on Wall Street?

Big Banks’ Employees Gave Senator Obama $479,000 in 1st Quarter

In fact, Gov. Romney wasn’t even in the top three of recipients from Wall Street bank employees:

Obama raised $479,209

Giuliani collected $473,442

Clinton got $447,625

Mitt Romney raised $385,700

Sen. John McCain got $213,660

In their zeal to dismiss Gov. Romney’s “narrow” base, they reveal — once again — that they’re unanchored by actual facts. (Hugh Hewitt deftly deals with the “Mormon” angle here.)

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