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I was horrified to learn that when my son’s kindergarten teacher asked him to recite his phone number, he replied, “1-800-MY-DADDY’S-TOUGHER-THAN-YOUR-DADDY.”
He’s learned his real phone number since then, needless to say.
And while we’re on the subject of toughness, David Frum cricitizes Gov. Romney for not being tough enough on spending:

“For a candidate to say that he wants to cut ‘non-defense discretionary spending’ is to say that he wants to leave 80% of the federal budget off limits.”

Here’s Ramesh’s response:

But that’s not true. Romney talks about getting entitlements under control all the time. Granted, he has been less specific about how to do that than about cutting non-defense discretionary spending. But he has been more specific about both than any of the other candidates, which makes it kind of odd to single him out for criticism on this front.

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