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Senator Brownback, channeling his colleague from Delaware:

In a moment of agreement, both Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat, and Brownback, a Kansas Republican, urged President Bush to work with Congress to devise a solution that will meet his demand for continued funding of U.S. troops in Iraq while promoting a diplomatic solution to quell insurgent violence and reduce the military death toll.
Brownback revealed he told Vice President Dick Cheney last week, during a White House meeting the senator requested, that the administration should consider a “three-state, one-country” solution in which Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis live independently but under the banner of a federal city in Baghdad.
The senator said his proposal, which he said he also shared with National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley, was met with no reaction from either man.
“I’m frustrated that both parties have gotten to more in the way of fighting than trying to figure out what we can do,” Brownback said afterward during an interview with The Associated Press.

Governor Romney:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney lashed out at Sen. Harry Reid on Friday night, criticizing the Senate Democratic leader’s comments the U.S. has lost the war in Iraq as untrue and harmful to America’s interests.
“There were a lot of reasons that shocked me,” Romney said at an Indiana Republican Party fundraiser. “One was how ill-informed he was, because the first phase of the war was to knock down Saddam Hussein and his government … and we won that war.
“We stormed into Baghdad and we won that war. Did you forget that, Harry?” the former Massachusetts governor said. “Is there something wrong among the Democrats that they can’t form the words ‘win’ and ‘success’ on their lips?”
Romney said the current operations in Iraq, to help provide security for the new Iraqi government, haven’t worked as well as the administration had hoped. He said it would become clear within the next few months whether the surge in troops would work and that he would not predict success.
“It’s a process fraught with difficulty. … And there have been setbacks and there are huge challenges,” Romney said. “That’s a very different thing than saying we’ve lost the war in Iraq.”

Looks to me like one of those men is agreeing with the Democratic defeatists in the Senate…and the other is fighting them with the kind of statements Americans need to hear about our brave men and women in Iraq.

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