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Evangelical for Mitt and internationally known pro-life advocate Nathan Burd is running for Ohio state representative in a blatant attempt to make the rest of EFM contributors look comparatively lazy.
Read about Nathan here, see his cute wife here (as well as a certain Presidential candidate), and read his views about the sanctity of human life here.
Blessings on your endeavor, Nathan! (Ohio definitely needs some good Republican Leadership.)
Now, I’m off to join the volunteer fire department or make fruit baskets for the elderly.
CHARLES adds: Nancy, based on your recent posts, I’m glad to see there’s somebody’s wife you like! I’m almost afraid to hear you mention mine these days…
NANCY adds: So, you’re saying I’ve been emphasizing Judi a little lately, right? When I watched that Barbara Walters special, her message so bothered me. The constant use of the phrase “single, working mother,” the faux female empowerment schtick, the way she grasped Rudy’s cheek while he was talking about the awful estrangement from his son?
However, you’re married to a wonderful, pie-baking, Romney-supporting (sometimes even babysitting) woman. And her name doesn’t end with a letter that can be dotted with a heart or smiley face.
CHARLES adds: Indeed I am. Glad she’s not in your doghouse! And for any confused readers–my sweet bride has never babysat Governor Romney, but she has taken care of David and Nancy’s adorable children while the rest of us kicked butt and took names EFM-style.

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