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Our friends over at Article VI Blog recently interviewed Stan Guthrie of Christianity Today. Here’s what he had to say on the question of whether evangelicals are ready to elect Governor Romney:

That’s starting to happen more and more, but honestly, until really the last year or so, maybe a little less than that, it really hasn’t been an issue. It just hasn’t been on our radar screens because there has been no credible Mormon candidate. I mean, you get people like Orrin Hatch, in the Senate and you think, well, he’s a good ally on a lot of issues and I think he has built up some respect, but honestly, I think most of us haven’t thought that much about it and I think it is still pretty new to a lot of people.
I think probably there is a good chunk of evangelicals who just haven’t thought about it and are willing to be persuaded. There have been a lot of developments over the last several years of contacts between Christians of all kinds and people from Latter Day Saints. I think some eyes are being opened and I think some stereotypes are being dispelled, or at least, addressed in a realistic way, where there is someone sitting across the table from you and it’s not just a reference in a book about cults. It’s a real person and you get to hear them discuss what they really believe, you find that they are maybe not quite as scary as they were made out to be.

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