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From reader Matt:

Thanks for everything you guys are doing. Though I am a big Romney supporter, I’m actually even more grateful for the work you do to bring together Mormons and Evangelicals — two groups who have needed to stop squabbling and work together for a long time.
To that end, here is a link for a post by Margaret Young, one of my former writing professors at BYU, in which you may or may not have any interest. It doesn’t do anything for Mitt or his campaign, but it does articulate very well my own, and most other Mormon’s, feelings about Jesus Christ — which I realize is an issue for many Evangelicals.
On the other hand, I completely understand it may be read as a little too much of a screed for Mormonism with no real political application for Mitt, which obviously isn’t what you guys are about. In any case, your readers will get a far better picture of Mormonism from this than they got from that PBS special the other night. Here’s the link:
All the best, and thanks again for your efforts. Before I went on my mission to Australia, I’d been given all kinds of warnings about the Bible bashing I’d have to endure with the Jehova’s Witnesses, but when I got there I found all my encounters with JW’s to be very cordial and respectful, albeit sometimes spirited. The real animosity and hostility seemed to be generated whenever I ran into Evangelicals. It never ended in good feelings on either side and always felt like such a waste of time and energy. When I got home, a friend asked me once if I’d had any big run-ins with JW’s, and I told him, “No. Jehova’s Witnesses are nice. It’s the Evangelicals you have to watch out for. Those guys hate us with a pure hate.” Of course, I could have added that I’d developed my own hate going the other way. What a colossal waste.
But it’s more than that. When I read Christ’s admonition to his Apostles to “forbid them not, for they that are not against us are with us” and think about the direction this world of ours is headed, it seems more than just wasteful for two groups who stand for so many of the same things to spend their time fighting — it seems negligent, irresponsible. I really applaud a group like yours. I think that regardless of what happens with Mitt, the work you’re doing, and the seeds of understanding you may sow, are important for their own sake.

An evangelical friend to whom I forwarded it adds:

This is absolutely fascinating. You know we are really fortunate to get this intimate view from these Mormons on the inside. While it brings up many theological issues that are still important, i.e. what is the nature of Man and his/her differences with the Triune God, it also certainly should encourage us to continue to love them with Christ’s patient, unparalleled love.

I guess that’s two e-mails. But you get the point!

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