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For better or worse, David Letterman’s Top Ten list was titled “Little-Known Facts About Mitt Romney.” What, no Mormon jokes? Here they are:

10. Name is short for ‘Mitzi.’
9. In favor of tax cuts for hunky, white dudes.
8. Starts each day by wrasslin’ a gator.
7. Made his fortune by selling counterfeit Prada handbags.
6. Won NRA endorsement by vowing to shoot twice as many old guys as Cheney.
5. Once defeated Chuck Liddell for Ultimate Fighting Championship title.
4. Is the model on packages of Jockey underpants.
3. When he leaves politics, plans to spend golden years with his hair.
2. Would be first Mitt in the White House since Mitt Quincy Adams.
1. Besides Hillary, only candidate who wears a bra.

Honestly, I didn’t get that #1 was a Mormon thing. Still not up on all the details of the garment apparently. Sorry!
ANOTHER UPDATE, from an LDS reader:

The LDS garment top is looks just like a white t-shirt, with the temple symbols on it. I’ve worn one for nearly 20 years, and couldn’t figure out the bra comment. They do come in crew neck, v-neck, or a lower cut neck that if someone were to reeeeeaaallly stretch their mind, they might interpret it as looking like a bra.

and another:

I didn’t get Letterman’s #1 either and I’ve been a practicing Mormon all my life. Outside of certain small embedded symbols, one would be hard pressed to distinguish the difference between the top garment and a T-shirt. True to form, this is like Letterman’s other “Top 10s”, either unfunny or nonsensical.

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