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I’m preparing to do my public radio recording tomorrow morning, and one of the articles I’m supposed to be reading is this one about Fred Thompson. I don’t agree with all of it, obviously, but it is interesting in this regard.
The author asks–quite rightly–how Christian social conservatives can advocate “traditional marriage” when they are involved in “highly untraditional marriages” themselves. He posts a photo of Fred Thompson with his current wife–who is 25 years younger than he and apparently 4 years younger than his own daughter. (Photo here.)

It’s always a great mystery how people who are on their second or third wives with children from each marriage can stand up with a straight face and proclaim themselves to be believers in “traditional marriage” and — far worse — to insist that the laws be structured so as to allow and endorse their own highly untraditional and un-Christian marriages while prohibiting other citizens from entering their own. And it’s even more of a mystery that individuals such as Thompson are able to spout (though, with vigor, personally contravene in their own conduct) such platitudes and still be taken seriously.

It’s a real sentiment amongst liberals. I was interviewed by a blue-state gentleman this afternoon who asked me about Newt Gingrich’s affair during the Clinton impeachment trial. My answer? Even Republicans are hypocritical, fallen people.
“Really?” he asked sarcastically. (I won’t tell you the publication until the article comes out! Stay tuned.)
But it does push on a a touchy subject. Republicans used to be the party of family values, right Murphy Brown?
Now we’re looking at Democrats who have all managed to stay married to their spouses–the Republicans are the ones most likely to be on eHarmony before the year’s up. The writer even asked me about Hillary, whether she’d politically prostituted herself by staying married to Bill. And you know what? I couldn’t even muster an ounce of righteous indignation for the New York senator. I meekly said, “Well, I hardly want to criticize someone for staying married. Not when the Republicans change wives more than I change socks.”
And don’t start sending me e-mails about the evils of Hillary Clinton or the important of frequent sock-changing. Instead, let’s use the next few months to elect the one serious GOP Presidential candidate who’s been married to one woman and has actually lived (and governed) conservatively.

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