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This post is for my evangelical friends who just don’t believe me when I say that the secular-progressive left doesn’t see a dime’s worth of difference between Mormons and evangelicals. As some of you know, in my day job I defend the constitutional rights of students and professors on college campuses, and this article from today’s Washington Post describes the attitudes of college professors (the intellectual leaders of the modern left) towards various religions. Money grafs:

Tobin asked professors at all kinds of colleges — public and private, secular and religious, two-year and four-year — to rate their feelings toward various religious groups, from very warm or favorable to very cool or unfavorable. He said he designed the question primarily to gauge anti-Semitism but found that professors expressed positive feelings toward Jews, Buddhists, Roman Catholics and most other religious groups.
The only groups that elicited highly negative responses were evangelical Christians and Mormons.

And why, exactly, do you think professors registered these negative responses? Let a leading academic apologist for religious bigotry explain:

Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors, disagreed. What the poll reflects, he said, is “a political and cultural resistance, not a form of religious bias.”

If any sane evangelical thinks for one second that the secular-progressive left sees one dime’s worth of difference between evangelicals and Mormons, they need to think again. They look at both of us and see people standing for things they hate: Biblical sexual morality, traditional family structures, the protection of human life in the womb, and for moral clarity as we confront evil abroad.
We’re in this together, guys. And together we should seek a presidential candidate that shares our values on the key issues of the day.

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