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I’m really wondering how John McCain is going to win the Republican nomination after the announcement of the Immigration compromise. In fact, of the front-runners, only Governor Romney is clearly on the right side of this issue. His statement was clear and forceful. Rudy (oddly enough) waffled.
I’ll be honest, part of me admires McCain for having the political courage to put together a bill that will so plainly and clearly damage his presidential prospects. But a person can have political courage and still be wrong. And that’s the essence of my objection to McCain (aside from his disdain for the the Christian conservative movement). He’s always courageous, but he’s just wrong too often.
I admire him beyond words for his courage in Vietnam, and I am grateful for his continued support for a winning strategy in Iraq. But he’s been wrong on the First Amendment, wrong on stem cells, wrong on taxes (opposing the Bush tax cuts), and now he’s wrong on immigration. It’s all just too much to overcome.

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