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So, I awakened in beautiful Lake Geneva this morning, and flipped on the television to Meet the Press. I’m thinking that the more accurate name of the show should be Meet the Press: We Are Jerks.
John McCain is being interviewed by Tim Russert, who is so duplicitous. He had Sen. McCain respond to a statement on the screen–about how nation-building is a wrong path, and how we need to get out now, etc.–and then told him in what was supposed to be a “gotcha” moment that those were his own words over ten years ago about Somalia.
Then, as if that weren’t enough, he put up Sen. McCain’s own words on the screen over the years about Iraq. All of them were positive quotes–”there have been milestones,” “there is progress,” “we’re on the right track”–as if Sen. McCain had never said that we needed more troops over there. (Which he said before it was “cool.”)
How lop-sided this interview is. And to think that Democrats wouldn’t participate in a debate moderated by Fox News Channel hosts? They–and the press–are so spineless on the war.
The “interview” is still going on, but I must catch a flight. Gotta see the kids on Mother’s Day.

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