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Living as we do in the heart of Fred Thompson country, I get a lot of questions about his prospective candidacy. As I’ve said before, I like Fred Thompson, and I like him more as I read his semi-regular National Review commentaries. He has some great conservative ideas and a winning way of presenting those ideas.
If we have learned anything from the last four years, however, it’s not just about ideas. Implementation matters. Fred Thompson has ideas. Mitt Romney has ideas and a history of successful implementation. There’s a world of difference between saying, “Let’s fix the corrupt financial mess in the Olympics” and actually doing it. There’s a world of difference between saying, “Let’s balance a state budget without raising taxes” and actually doing it. The Bush administration has had quite a few good ideas (prescription drugs and immigration reform not included), among them ending Saddam’s reign of terror and introducing democracy to arguably the most strategic country in the Middle East. Yet problems with implementation have almost discredited the underlying (and still good) idea.
David Frum has noted that Americans tend to vote for candidates with a track record of executive governing experience (such as the former governors of Georgia, California, Arkansas, and Texas). Fred Thompson lacks this experience. Governor Romney has it: in business, in the nonprofit sector, and in government.
CHARLES kids: David, I’m delighted to see that you, as well as the other David, read my post “THE GIT ‘R DONE CANDIDATE” and dressed it up in some Harvard-Yale language.

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