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As we’ve noted, the five Roman Catholic Supreme Court justices–including both George W. Bush appointees–have been among the targets of some anti-Catholic vitriol from the left since the partial-birth abortion ruling came down. Now, via reader James and the Wall Street Journal, comes this item on Justice Alito:

Justice Alito delivered the keynote address at Seton Hall Law on Friday, reports the Newark Star-Ledger. He was introduced by his friend, Third Circuit judge Maryanne Trump Barry (yes, The Donald’s sister), who gave the New Jersey native the highest praise ever, referring to Alito as the “Bruce Springsteen of the legal profession.”
Alito, who used to teach at the law school, spoke about religious freedom, urging the graduates to “be on guard against the revival of the old and very dangerous lie that there are people of certain religions who are not fit to hold public office or not fit to hold citizenship in the United States because they cannot be counted upon to exercise independent judgments and to be true Americans.”

Three thoughts:
1. Bruce Springsteen, eh?
2. On the religion point–he knows of what he speaks.
3. I wonder if he was thinking also of, as James put it, “our favorite ex-governor running for president”…

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