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EFM reader Ruth pointed us to this nice piece by writer and talk radio host Martha Zoller in Human Events. Martha makes many of the points we’ve made here at EFM (particularly about the need for a truly good communicator as we fight the War on Terror), but I particularly liked how she addressed the “flip flop” issue:

Back in the room in the 1818 Club in Georgia, Romney is discussing his social views. He makes sense; his changes are not like the awkward moves that Rudy made toward the Pro-Life movement and then solidly back to his Pro-Choice past. Mitt Romney made the move to life issues the way most of us do, through learning about the issue. You can argue that regardless of what label Romney gives himself, he has lived his life as a social conservative. He’s been faithful to his wife, his family and his faith and if he wins over the South and the rest of the country—that will be the reason.

Very nicely put.

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