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Conservatives who think Fred Thompson is the answer to their dreams should remember the McCain Feingold campaign finance reform bill – because Thompson was one of its original sponsors.

So begins this Newsmax article by Ronald Kessler which reminds readers that McCain-Feingold never would’ve passed without the assistance of Sen. Thompson.
Gov. Romney, of course, wants to abolish it:

“The American people should be free to advocate for their candidates and their positions without burdensome limitations,” Romney wrote. “Indeed, such advocacy can play an important educational role in elections, helping to provide information to voters on a range of issues. Do we really want government telling us when we can engage in political speech, and what form it can take?”

Read the whole thing.
Over at TownHall, Dean Barnett says that,

John McCain’s campaign is sinking like the Titanic after having run into the iceberg of immigration “reform”.

I bet Fred Thompson is glad his name is not associated with it…

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