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On the off chance that any of you are reading this blog at 10:23 p.m….the Governor is supposed to be on Jay Leno tonight!
UPDATE: Well, he did better than I even imagined. He looked great, spoke eloquently, and worked in many of his good jokes within the alloted time. He even cracked Jay up with a quip about his famous chin.
I’m sure pundits were watching to see how Gov. Romney did on his big debut. The thing that probably won’t be mentioned? Right before he came onstage, the Tonight Show did a segment where a newscaster on a television monitor spoke to people while they pumped gas. It was a cheesy “you’re-on-candid-camera” type thing, but profane. At one time, the fake newscaster was talking about an obscene dance, when a very upset woman from the next pump stormed over.
“I have children,” she protested. “If this is your idea of the news, you’re disgusting!”
She dashed off, agitated. (Rightly so, I suppose. The Tonight Show was trying to get a few laughs the easy way–obscenity and absurdity mixed decadently together. Needless to say, the late-night banter would not be appropriate at noon in a public place.)
Then, we had Gov. Romney…what a contrast! How refreshing it is to see someone who wears his virtue with such class, such ease. It’s like an old pair of jeans that fits him comfortably, without making everyone around him feel self-consciously underdressed.
In an era when there are fewer and fewer people willing to stand up for traditional values, I’m thankful for the mom who stamps her feet at crassness and says, “No more!” But I’m more impressed by someone like the Governor who shows leadership when faced with the world’s problems. Not indignation.
Great, great job.
CHARLES adds: As usual, Nancy is right. NRO has video.

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