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EFM reader Michael points this out:

Giuliani was specifically asked why his position on abortion wasn’t akin to saying, “I hate slavery, but people can go ahead and practice it.” Giuliani opened his response by stating, “Well, there is no circumstances under which I could possibly imagine anyone choosing slavery or supporting slavery.” Of course, there were plenty of folks—slaveholders—who chose and supported slavery. Giuliani evidently meant that no one chooses to become a slave. But it is equally clear that human fetuses don’t choose to be aborted.

He compares this to Gov. Romney’s response about judges:

I can tell you that I’ve looked at this long and hard. I’ve always been personally pro-life. I’ve taught that to others, it’s been part of my faith. The question for me was: What should government do in this kind of setting? And the Supreme Court stepped in and took a decision, and I said I’d support that decision. And then I watched the impact of that decision as I was governor of Massachusetts. And when we came to debating cloning and embryo farming and we saw human life, human life rack after rack that’s going to be experimented upon and then disposed, I said Roe v. Wade has gone to such an extent that we’ve cheapened the value of human life. And I believe that a civilized society has to respect the sanctity of human life.
And what I’m saying is that, in my view, the people should make this decision, not the court.

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