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I’m with Dean Barnett on this Planned Parenthood thing:

SO WHAT’S THE POINT? My point is that I can’t imagine that anyone is truly outraged by Ann Romney’s $150 donation to Planned Parenthood in 1994. I figure that if you wanted to find something from 1994 to outrage you about Romney’s commitment to the pro-life cause, that clip from the Kennedy debate would be a lot more dispositive.
Is there really a story here? Is there anything fresh? Yes, Mitt Romney was pro-choice in 1994. I’ll give you something even fresher – he was pro-choice in 2002! Is there really a scandal that the spouse of an avowed pro-choice candidate gave the whopping total of $150 to Planned Parenthood 13 years ago? If Romney were saying he had always been pro-life, then there might be some “there” here, but that’s not the case.

It’s one thing to give to Planned Parenthood when you claim you “hate” abortion. It’s another thing for your spouse to do it during a time when you were both pro-choice. Next, please.
Relatedly, I think these guys–who, it seems, will never find any pro-life actions by a Republican in Massachusetts to be satisfactory–need to read David Frum:

Have Republicans absorbed how much trouble their party is in? To the (limited) extent that we do, we tend to to attribute everything to Iraq — as if Katrina, the Schiavo affair, corruption in Congress, and the intensifying irrelevance of our domestic-policy agenda did not exist. And so we demand from our candidates ever more fervent declarations of fealty to an ideology that interests an ever dwindling proportion of the public.
I wish somebody at the Reagan Library had said: “Ronald Reagan was a great leader and a great president because he addressed the problems of his time. But we have very different problems — and we need very different answers. Here are mine.”
But if one of the candidates had said that, would we have hearkened? Or would we say: The path to the nomination will be crossed by the candidate who does the best job of ticking the boxes of a coalition that probably now spans no more than 30 percent of the electorate?

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