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My daughter had a friend when we lived in Philly who had two mommies. In fact, he also had two daddies. His lesbian parents had used two gay friends as sperm donors, so it was purposefully unclear which man was the biological father.
One birthday party, I noticed that the lesbian couple had broken up, leaving the kid in a lurch. He had two mothers experiencing a “divorce.” When his two mothers invariably hook up with others, he’ll have four women as mother-figures in his life. Add to this the two gay “fathers” who may or may not stay together, and this kid’s life gives new meaning to Hillary’s admonition that it “takes a village.”
Stanley Kurtz examines a new legal ruling in Pennsylvania in this Corner post. Apparently, a judge ruled that three individuals–two lesbians and a sperm donor–can be the legal parents of children, paving the way for multi-partner marriage.
Folks, American families need strong leadership in this brave new world. Of course, the media has tried to sow doubt about Gov. Romney’s great great grandfather’s polygamist ways. Wouldn’t it be a practical Alanis Morissette song if this very candidate ends up leading America out of its moral morass?

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