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The New York Daily News predicts that being pro-choice might not sink Giuliani, but being pro-Kerik will:

It will be much tougher for Giuliani to run away from being the mayor of New York who thought a small-timer named Bernard Kerik was not just a hero police commissioner, but somebody who should be running Homeland Security.
Kerik eventually withdrew his name from consideration for Homeland Security because of legal problems involving how a nanny was paid. Of course that was only the beginning of the fun with him. Later it was reported that the married Kerik had used a Battery Park City apartment originally set aside for Ground Zero rescue workers to meet up with Judith Regan, spitfire former publisher to the stars, one of whom was Kerik himself.
Last year Kerik pleaded guilty in New York State court to two misdemeanor charges, admitting that while still head of the cops he took $165,000 worth of renovations on an apartment of his from a contracting company looking to do business with the city, one that allegedly had ties to organized crime. He was fined $221,000.
And, oh by the way, he is currently under federal investigation in matters involving wiretapping, tax evasion and filing false information with the government.
Giuliani has testified that he remembers being briefed on some aspects of Kerik’s ties to the contracting company before making him police commissioner. No matter. He liked Kerik well enough then, liked him well enough to go into the security-consulting business with him, still thought he was swell when it was time to enthusiastically endorse him for Homeland Security.

But there’s more:

Even after Kerik pulled out of the Homeland Security nomination Giuliani was still saying how bad he felt for everyone “including the country, because Bernie would have been an exceptional Homeland Security chief.”
Maybe this was simply Rudy being Rudy here, too stubborn to change his mind about a police commissioner or anything else. Maybe he still didn’t know about Kerik. He should have known, because apparently everybody else in town did.

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