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I sometimes get my punditry life confused with my mother-of-two, lunch-packing, car-line waiting life. I was at the school play Friday, when my friend’s elderly father was telling me he’d read and enjoyed The Audacity of Hope.
That very morning, I’d been on national public radio’s Weekend America, where I go toe-to-toe with liberals over the week’s news…so, I was in a more combative mindset. Anyway, I listened politely for a while, as he talked about how meaningful Obama’s conversion story was to him. We were in the school gym, and sweet little Southern ladies were milling about. When he stopped talking, and I realized I was expected to comment on the subject, I said, “When someone’s religion allows them to support laws that murder babies, I’m not that interested in it.”
Of course, there are many good people who are misled or confused about abortion. (In college, I used to be one of them.) But, nuance was not my friend that day–I was suddenly just sick of the nonsense people seem to swallow hook, line, and sinker. If this nice former Baptist preacher was taken by Obama, I felt we were in trouble. At any rate, my friend immediately turned to a look for a different conversation, her father-in-law’s eyes got huge, and everyone was just kind of speechless.
Mercifully, the lights dimmed for the play, and I was embarassed as I found my seat in the dark. (I apologized to my friend afterwards for any disrespect.)
Anyway, as rude and un-Southern as I may have been, I had the same exact thought when I read this article titled, “Gore Sees ‘Spiritual Crisis’ in Global Warming.”
Again, with all due respect, I don’t want spiritual advice from the Global Weather Psychic. But maybe that’s just me.
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