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Eleanor Clift’s latest column on Mike Huckabee and the current state of the “religious right” is well worth reading. Here’s a brief excerpt:

There are millions of people that don’t believe in the theory of evolution, and there are many more millions, myself included, who wouldn’t want a creationist to become president. After the Bush years, voters should be wary of anybody with strongly held beliefs that could take precedence over facts and reality, whether it has to do with Iraq, global warming or, yes, evolution.

Clift’s implicit description of creationists as people with “strongly held beliefs that could take precedence over facts and reality,” gets to a point EFM has made frequently: The left is equally wary of people of all faiths, evangelical and Mormon alike.
CHARLES adds: Right as usual, Steve. Side note: Does Clift’s math seem off to anybody else? I recall polls showing that a majority of Americans think God created humans in their present form. Perhaps the numbers have changed since 2004 (when this one was taken), but this may be similar to the famous declaration by an editor of the New Yorker in 1972 that she couldn’t figure out how Nixon won, because she didn’t know a single person who’d voted for him.

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