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I was at the gym yesterday, when I noticed a guy listening to the political conversation I was having with my friend on the next cardio-machine.
Finally, since he wouldn’t go away, I said, “So, whom do you support for President?”
“Our homestate guy, of couse!”
We talked briefly and I quickly realized that the “Mormon” distinction is nothing compared to the “Yankee” baggage Gov. Romney carries. Nonetheless, the guy wasn’t eavesdropping, he was merely waiting for me to get done with my thirty minutes on the elliptical so he could have my machine. It didn’t stop my friend and I from peppering him with questions, though.
The things that drew the guy to Fred were:
1. He wanted a Presidential Library in Fred Thompson’s nearby hometown. (“What did James K. Polk ever do for you?” I asked him of our own hometown President.)
2. The awesome video he shot in response to Michael Moore’s debate challenge on Cuban health care.
So, since I already admitted that I love Tommy Thompson and his remarkable do, it’s time for one more. I like Fred! I’m a Tennesseean. I once drove a Dodge Ram pick up truck, so I naturally have affinity for someone who feel comfortable behind the wheel of one. (Although, Fred, mine was a manual transmission.)
Although he hasn’t always been as conservative as I’d like, let’s face it. I haven’t always been as conservative as I’d like. He’s become more conservative in all the right ways, and I love his folksy demeanor and Southern swagger.
I still adamantly support Gov. Romnney, of course–this is not an attempt to change EFM to EFF. Mainly because Gov. Romney has changed and improved everything he’s ever put his hands on, while Fred has no executive experience. I wonder about a possible future ticket of the two. Would it be possible for Fred to put effort into Iowa, place second, and show everyone this really is a two-man race?

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