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Stop the presses.
Reason # 1: I was wrong. This never happens.
Reason # 2: Gov. Romney has this election in the bag. No need to blog. No need to campaign. We can pack it in and head to happy hour till 2008.
Charles just sent me this enlightening article: Expert Unveils Election Forecasts Based on Hair Lines. In it, we learn:

“The historical record comes down squarely against balding candidates and shows that America wants presidents with hair,” said Leonard, a hair loss expert.
Call it the hair factor. It’s an indicator more accurate than the Presidential Height Index. The only exceptions have been Eisenhower and Zachary Taylor.

Now, you may ask, “Dawn, why would I accept political reasoning from a graduate of the Chambers Hair Institute?”
Because you can’t disagree with this:

“Mitt Romney has the thickest, fullest hair among the leading contenders, and the others cannot match him because of their hair loss,” Leonard said.

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