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Yep, you read that right. The Post ran a favorable front page story on the “5 Brothers” blog operated by Gov. Romney’s–you guessed it–five sons. Check it out.
I did, however, find this part disturbing:

“Romney’s family is a central part of his identity, and it’s a very effective counterpunch to some of the other high-profile candidates who’ve had, and are having, familial woes,” says Gil Troy, historian of first couples and author of “Mr. and Mrs. President: From the Trumans to the Clintons.” “Yet you also have to think that we’re not in the age of ‘The Brady Bunch’ anymore. We’re in the age of ‘The Simpsons.’ ”
“Once upon a time, when you say ‘family,’ you think ‘all American.’ Now when you say ‘family,’ you think ‘dysfunctional.’ “

Assuming for a moment that Troy is right–that Americans indeed associate ‘family’ with ‘dysfunctional’–wouldn’t it be nice to have in the White House an advocate for family values? Funny how often this third stool leg keeps coming up…

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