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Reader Camille–no, not the Frenches’ daughter, unfortunately–sent this along:

I wanted to share a PDF copy of a great article that came from the printed version of the Logan Herald Journal (unfortunately this article was never printed in the online version). Mitt was in Logan, UT for a fundraiser last Saturday and as he was leaving the fundraiser he drove right past a little lemonade stand that had a huge sign that read “Mitt Buy Some Lemonade”. Of course, being the great guy that he is, he turned around and went back for some lemonade. It’s not often we hear these types of stories about the candidates so I thought you might enjoy reading about it.

If you click the below image of the article, you can read the PDF. Quite a story.

And by the way…this made me think a little bit about the latest “story” from Ana Marie Cox and our friends at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. You know, the great gnashing of teeth about Governor Romney’s 1983 family vacation, when he put the family dog on the roof of a car in a dog carrier with a special windshield he built for it. Cox thought this was “cruel” and did us all a favor by calling PETA, whose president claimed Governor Romney should have treated his dog no differently than his children. My thoughts, ending with the one related to the above:

  1. A special windshield? How nerdy–and how very Romney. (As we’ve noted, I’m a nerd too, so I can say that.)
  2. My dog would have loved that–and Governor Romney subsequently said his did, too.
  3. In terms of judging the man’s character, rather than using the ludicrous criterion of whether he treats his dog the same as his children, I think it’s much more instructive to look at how he treats his wife, his children, and even cute little girls selling lemonade–and I think it’s pathetic that the MSM is so hopped up about this baloney.

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