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Talk about an endorsement. From a recent Boston Herald interview of Michael Moore:

I sat down with the 53-year-old Flint, Mich., native before he went on stage for a town hall-style meeting on health care at the packed Palace Theatre.
Moore blasted the Bay State’s new universal health-care program and former Massachusettsgovernor and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, a key player in passing the landmark legislation.
In Salt Lake City yesterday, Romney said Moore’s criticism was “one of the best forms of flattery I can imagine.”
“He believes that a Castro-care type program is what America needs,” Romney said. “We do not need socialized medicine in this country.”

And just for fun, check this part out:

Wearing a red cap, black shirt and pants, suit jacket and sneakers, Moore said he hopes “Sicko” impacts the 2008 election. “Millions of people are going to see this movie, and they’re going to demand that the candidates take a strong position for universal health care that removes profit and the private insurance companies from the equation,” Moore said, his handler and security guards lurking nearby.

The only thing sillier than Moore’s preferred attire is his utterly inane ideas about how evil profit supposedly is. For something of an antidote, see Stuart Browning’s new website.

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