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Given the earlier discussion by Nancy and Charles about marriage, I thought these statistics from a South Carolina poll were interesting:

Finding out that a candidate has had multiple divorces would make me less likely to support that candidate.
Strongly agree: 15.4%
Agree: 29.3%
Neither agree nor disagree: 11.7%
Disagree: 32.3%
Strongly disagree: 9.8%
Don’t know/refused: 1.8%

And another question:

I would have trouble voting for a candidate whose views on abortion were different from mine.
Strongly agree: 20.3%
Agree: 30.8%
Neither agree nor disagree: 13.9%
Disagree: 27.8%
Strongly disagree: 6.4%
Don’t know/refused: .8%

The poll also found that approximately 40 percent of South Carolina respondents follow government and public affairs “some of the time,” “now and then,” or “hardly at all.” The numbers aren’t spliced enough to tell this story, but it would be rather revealing to see the selections of the respondents in this category. Are they currently supporting a candidate whose personal life or views on social issues don’t actually line up with their own stated beliefs because they don’t know the full story about the candidate’s personal life or policy positions?
Overall, the poll shows Governor Romney garnering 11.7% of the vote among Republican respondents. Rudy finished at 18.6%, McCain at 14.4% and Thompson at 6.4%.

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