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Apparently this is Senator McCain’s latest fundraising e-mail:

Dear [NAME],
There are many reasons to support John McCain, but as we approach this quarter’s fundraising deadline tonight at midnight, let me remind you of just one of them…

John McCain is the only candidate
who can defeat Hillary Clinton.

If you haven’t already done so, I hope you will make a last-minute donation to help our final push before the deadline. Please also pass this message along to your friends and family to remind them of the stakes in this election.
The clock is ticking…
Terry Nelson
Campaign Manager

It’s interesting, I think, that (as you can see above) the link associated with his Hillary boast simply goes to a donation page–not to any proof of the statement. As some readers may know, I do fundraising for a living, and if I were sending that e-mail, I’d either need to be sure the reader knew my claim was true–or I’d need to include some evidence. Which leads me to believe that one of three things is true:
1. Senator McCain has the most loyal donors in the world, all of whom are positive he would beat Senator Clinton–not likely given his lack of fundraising success so far.
2. Senator McCain’s camp is so arrogant that they think the point is self-evident. No comment on the likelihood of this.
3. Senator McCain’s camp has given up marketing their guy on the basis of his supposedly conservative principles and is instead trying to appeal to mere political expediency–not to mention accusing all the other candidates of being losers.
And needless to say, I’m more inclined to think that a guy who has fought and won for the quintessentially American values of life and marriage on the most inhospitable terrain imaginable has a better handle on the nation’s values than the architect of an unbelievably unpopular immigration bill and a campaign finance “reform” with no real constituency outside of the MSM and a few elite NGOs.

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